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Always expect unexpected

No matter how hard I try to plan my life, life has its own plan for me all on its own.
Always expect unexpected!



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Little things do matter

Sometimes the little things can matter a lot and it may take up the most room in your heart.



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Love will find you

Do not try to find love, love will find you face-smile.png



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If someone talks negatively

If someone talks negatively about others to you, they will talk negatively about you to others as well face-sad.png



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Life changing decisions

Some life changing decisions are made with tears rolling down the face !



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Personality and your smile are two best things you can have

Dear boys: your personality is the best appearance you can possibly have.
Dear girls: your smile is the best makeup you can ever wear.



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Do not give up ever

Never ever give up on something that you really want. I know waiting is really difficult but the worse is to regret !



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A story about true love never dies

A story about true love never dies and that says it all.



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Never judge people by their look

Never judge people by their look but by their act.



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Giving things that others can get it

I’ll give you things that no other has ever gotten from me but only if you give me what others can't get it from you!



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