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Best some to those who do

Good things comes to those who wait and believe but best things come to those who actually DO!



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Life should be your greatest adventure

Life should be your greatest adventure.



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You cannot direct the wind

You cannot redirect the wind, but you can trim your sail.



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Always leave a little kindness

leave a little kindness wherever you go.



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Always believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself then who will .... !!!!



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We were born to stand out

Why fit in when we were born to stand out.



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Never stop until you succeed

Take every opportunity in your life to achieve what is important to you and never stop until you succeed.



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Have more fun everyday

Live in the sun swim in the sea and breathe the wild air, have more fun everydayface-smile.png



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Laugh Daily

Love Truly
Think Deeply
Speak Gently
Dance Freely
Live Kindly
Laugh Daily



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Save your own little heart

Be your own hero and save your own little heart.



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