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Best things come to the once who never give up

If you really want better, go and get better. Great things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, but the best things come to the once who never give up.



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Find your real friends

Don’t say yes or maybe when you really want to say no! Don’t worry; no one will be disappointed and no one will hate you for that. If they do then they are not your real friends. Saying no in this situation means saying yes to yourself.



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The kindest heart felt the most pain

The prettiest smile, hides the deepest secrets.
The beautiful eyes have cried the most tears.
The kindest heart felt the most pain.
Sometimes we show the best and
hide the worst of our nature!



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Sometimes discomfort is a good thing

When discomfort increases in any situation, it directs you to take actions that would put you on another path. Without this discomfort it would be difficult to decide what path you want to follow. So sometimes discomfort is a good thing to speak up early and make the right decision.



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Life happens from you

Life does not happen to you; in fact it happens from you, you create your own reality and your thoughts can decide the way you look at life. By changing your inner life you change the world around you! good luck with your world.



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Wake up and chase your dream

The only way to make a dream comes true is to wake up and consciously make it actually happen, so wake up people and chase your dream! Never giving up and remember believing is always the key!



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Realizing the importance of today

All yesterdays were once called today, tomorrow is just a yet to be realized today. All those yesterdays (past todays) are there just to remind us about the decisions we made, and all tomorrows (soon become today) are there as opportunities to do those things we have left undone in past todays.
Now realizing the importance of today by doing things you must do today, not only will you give a great yesterday to look back on but also you will have an amazing tomorrow to look forward to.



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You are the King Yes YOU are

You are the King of your castle where you make your own rules therefore you are responsible to defend your castle from being attacked as you fight your way through each level of your life. Remember king should accept nothing less but the best.



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Prove that you deserve to be the best you can be

You are the one creating your own world, even if it takes some courage to make the changes you always wanted. Be confident, be brave and prove that you deserve to be the best you can be!



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Be the reason for what you wish to change

Take the responsibility for your happiness. Use all your powers toward greater good for yourself first then others. Remember everything happens for a reason, be that reason for what you wish to change.



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