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Do you like riddles and puzzles? We have a great collection of all kind of riddle / puzzle sms, read and select the one you like then send it to your friends, test their brain and see what they think. Also you can search through our search box for similar sms words such as maths riddles and puzzles, online brain teaser, puzzle sms, ultimate puzzles, mind puzzles, online brain teaser. ... etc.

  • Wo Konse 4 Haram

    Wo konse 4 Haram Janwar hein jinke
    “dant” bahar hote hain?
    1. Samandari Seal,
    2 Hathi,
    3 pig
    4. Asif Zardari.


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  • Question of The Year

    Question of the Year 2009
    Its a challenge for you.
    Woh kon sy teen Fruits hain jo darjan(Dazon) k hisaab se milte hain?
    1. Banana
    2. Orange
    3. ???


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  • Test Your IQ-Riddle & Puzzle SMS with Answers

    Test ur IQ
    Q. Which alphabet is a question?
    Q.Which alphabet is a fly?
    Q.which alphabet is a part of our face?
    Q.whic alphabet is a tool?
    Q. Which alphabet is a drink?
    Q.which alphabet is in geometry box?
    Q.which alphabet is a source of salt ?


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  • Dimagh Hai To Word-Riddle & Pizzle SMS

    Dimagh hai to Word ko Tarteeb do!
    Ye ek Cute cheez ka naam hai.
    Ye naam kam az kam din main 5 dafa aap lete hongay.
    Its challenge.
    Answer: Not Found.


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  • Tell What Comes in Place-Riddle & Puzzle SMS

    2 2 2 2
    2 6 10 14
    2 10 26 50
    2 14 50 X
    Tell what comes in place of X.
    Let c your intelligence.
    Answer: X=126
    Add Up side, Left side and diagonal Number.
    In case of 6, 2+2+2
    In case of 26, 10+6+10
    In case of Answer, 50+26+50


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  • Challenge For You-Riddle and Puzzle SMS

    Challenge For You...
    Dunya ki 4 aisi Countries k Naam bataen Jinko urdu main likhtay waqt Nuqta nahi lagatay....
    1. Roos
    2. Italy
    3. Malta
    4. Not Found?


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  • Sawal Ka Durust Jawab Den-Riddle and Puzzle SMS

    Sawal ka Durust Jawab den:
    1 BADSHAH ne Apny Wazir ko Ek Angoothi di.
    Aur kaha k is Ring par ek Aisa Lafz likho, Jis ko main agr Khushi main dekhon to Ghamgeen ho jaon,
    Aur Agar Ghum main dekhon to Khush ho jaon.
    Ab bataen k Wazir Ring pe kon sa Lafz likhay ga?


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  • Mind Test Aik Car-Riddle and Puzzle SMS

    Mind Test:
    Aik Car Mein 2 ladies aur 1 admi hai
    car ka number hai 13019
    un ladies ka admi se kiya rishta hai
    is ka jawab car ke number mai hai
    reply must


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  • Challenge of Your City-Riddle and Puzzle SMS

    * Challenge of your City *
    Ques: Karachi k us ilaqay ka naam bataiye jis k aakhir main lafz "CLOCK" aata hai.
    Its a challenge.
    Genius ho to ans do.
    Ans: Not Found Yet.


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  • Zara Mobile Ulta Karke Dekh-Riddle and Puzzle SMS

    zara mobile ulta karke dekhe
    abe ullo jab sidha samjh me mahi aya to ulta kya samjhe ga ha ha


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