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Always ask your brain first

Go with your heart but always ask your brain first !



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Live the kind of life you always wanted to

It is never too late to live the kind of life you always wanted to!



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See with the third eye

Close both of your eyes to see with the third one!!



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A hug is the best medicine

A hug from a loved one is the best medicine to heal your heart.



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Your eyes speaks my heart language

Your eyes speak a language that my mind can read and my heart understand!



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Yes you can continue

Most of the time you can just keep continue long after you think you can't!!



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Hating someone is like burning your own house

Hating someone is like burning down your own house to get rid of a mouse!!



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Life is full of chances but

Life is full of chances, but we miss many of them without even realizing it!



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True heart hugs

long and tight hugs are the true heart hugs face-smile.png



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Let your smile change others

Let your smile change others, but never let others change your smile.



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