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A story about true love never dies

A story about true love never dies and that says it all.



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Never judge people by their look

Never judge people by their look but by their act.



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Giving things that others can get it

I’ll give you things that no other has ever gotten from me but only if you give me what others can't get it from you!



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Be a little bit nasty

Never trashy ...
Always keep it classy ...
With a little bit nasty face-smile.png face-wink.png



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Liar seeks somebody to believe him

Sometimes all what a liar wants is somebody that can believes him.



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I love you all

I love you all, unless you give me a reason not to!



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We are all students of God

We’re all students of God,
Our world is an examination hall,
and our life is the answer sheet!



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Our world is full of incredible people

Our world is full of incredible people, try be one of them!



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Truth will not be obscured

The truth will not be obscured!



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Do not block the traffic

If you want to come into my heart, the door is open but please don’t stop at the entrance and block traffic, either enter or leave!



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